The only serious natural media art environment for Android
Controls that form an intuitive part of your workflow.  Simple drag motions allow you to change colors and sizes without breaking your creative flow. Simple yet incredibly natural brushes for a true natural media painting experience. Naturalistic, fluid pen and pencil lines, even on non-pressure-sensitive devices. Accurate, realistic color blending for paint-like effects.

Why so Serious?


Unleash your creativity no matter where you are, with Serious Paint, the only serious natural media content creation environment for Android!

Serious Paint bends over backwards to make your Android device into a proper art workstation.  The keys to Serious Paint’s success are:

  • Natural media brushes that simulate proper bristles and blending, the way your workstation software does.
  • Innovative and intuitive workflow that allows you to perform common actions without breaking your flow to click on buttons.
  • Quietly brilliant ideas such as the Color Sweep, a configurable swatch of color that you can set up and then access with a simple gesture while drawing.

Serious Paint does not try to compete with the few commercial paint applications available for Android.  Quite simply, we aren’t interested in money, but we are interested in having flexible painting tools available on our phones and tablets.  As a result, Serious Paint takes a very different route from most other software — very few bells and whistles and toys, a lot of care put into workflow efficiency and productivity, and a free version which to be quite honest is very little different from the full version.  Highlights include:

Natural Media Brushes

Serious Paint’s built-in brushes replicate a range of natural media effects, simulating bristle physics and blending (which, by the way, is not easy on Android) to get the richest, most painterly, most controllable experience possible. We’ll admit it, it’s not Painter — but it’s the closest by far you can come on Android.

Color Manipulation

Color control is easy and intuitive, with an ergonomic HSV color picker and a palette of colors you can edit and keep at your fingertips. The best feature, though, is the ‘Color Sweep’ — a configurable color gradient that is always just a stroke of the brush away, allowing you to keep the key colors of your artwork literally at your fingertips.

Quick Import and Export

Workflow is important — there’s no point putting in fancy brush methods if a platform isn’t usable. Serious Paint is made by artists and can fit right into your workflow, and that includes simple, easy saving, sharing, and importing of images via a simple file manager screen.  And unlike some, Serious Paint does not remove the vital import/export functionality from the free version!

Fluent Size / Opacity / Color / Brush Selection

When we say that Serious Paint is beautifully fluid to use, this is what we mean: the two corner stations at bottom left and bottom right can be dragged to pick colors, to set brush size and opacity, and to sample colors from the canvas, without a single button click — without breaking your creative flow at all. Click them, and the color and brush selection screens come up.

Fully Exposed Brush Engine

At the heart of Serious Paint is a full featured brush engine — and in the full version, you have access to all of it. We don’t offer you a few pre-canned brush types and let you change a few parameters — the Serious Paint Engine can represent a vast range of brushes, and every parameter is available to you to tweak. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to — but if you do feel the urge, it’s all there for you.